pátek 21. dubna 2017

Turkic Nowruz in Prague 2017


"Nowruz transcends national borders, religious divides and other differences to unite communities with bonds of goodwill. Such common purpose can help humanity rise to this moment in history." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
In 2010, The General Assembly of the United Nations welcomed the inclusion of Nowruz in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
The video report from the concert: 

      Galia Ibragimova-Curado – this is a person, who does not need any presentation in the music field. Galia is an honored artist, world-known opera singer, Tatar soloist of Prague Opera National Theatre, it would take hundreds of pages to describe her talent, awards and repertoire, but we will leave the opportunity to you – to look at her website and follow her program.
 Kamilla Asgarova is a young, but already an experienced and a well-known dance-performer. She participated in several international dancing competitions, in which she took the first place. Kamilla performed two Azerbaijani Dances: “Sari galin” and “O Olmasin, Bu Olsun”. She also performs as a singer, you can find her performance in the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a69C_ySy0
Kemal Deniz is famous and professional chef, who nowadays works in the restaurant Mangal in Prague. Alongside cooking, he was interested in Turkish folk music since young ages and is a self-learner. He is very passionate about music and playing saz. His guest friend Utku Kocak  accompanied him in darbuka. Utku is young artistic jewelry master and owner of his own jewelry gallery. 
  Altan Onat is a research assistant in Anadolu university, Eskişehir Turkey. Besides his academic activity, he adores Turkish folk music. His great performance of Turkish music on baglama has brightened our Turkic concerts before, and this time it was not an exception. You can reach him on Instagram – by account name onataltan.  
  Kemal, Utku and Altan for this concert created an amazing musical trio 

    Marzhan Adil and Shyngyz Bolatov are Kazakh students in Prague, they are young activists of the Kazakh organization Tarlan. Their performance is a Dombra duo, and they played - kuj. The author of performed composition “Erke sylkym” is A. Zheldybaev. Link to their activity in Tarlan NGO you can find and probably participate: instagram - tarlan_kz
   Gulsara Bekbagysheva, is a professional dancer with academic education in the dance field. Gulsara is a member of the Central Asian Ensemble Jagalmay, which is performing in the Czech Republic since 2006. Gulsara is regularly participating in the international festivals, as International Folklore Festival Prague – heart of nations, or Chinese New Year with Fen Jun Song, or Refufest. Gulsara performed Classical Kyrgyz Dance.
       Tomáš Boukal . Would you expect from a Czech professor of anthropology and ethnology to sing Turkic songs and play traditional Altai instruments? Tomáš is researching the indigenous people of Russia, especially those living in Siberia. He spent several years of his research life in Altai region. Tomáš's guest friend Martin Ovsenák - is a software developer, and also bass guitar player. Together they created band Kanum, which means "Eagle", and focuses on the performance of the music of the native people. In the concert sounded Altai, Nogay and Tatar songs. 
 Lilia Gerber-Khousnutdinova & Elmira Lyapina – chairpersons of the NGO – KITAP, Tatar and Turkic Association in Prague, together with Dania Altynbaeva-Lyapina, who is also chairperson of KITAP, are spreading and promoting Tatar and Turkic culture in the Czech Republic. Dania is passionate about psychology as well, also she was scripting and directing social videos covered by the project “Young life in the big city”, Relentless - against use of drugs. 
    Lilia besides her love to Tatar nation, is a keeper of a PhD in psychology, she provides consultation in different sectors of psychology, you can read more and reach her via her facebook page.
     Elmira is a PhD candidate in Public International Law, although she is not an owner of the Azerbaijani blood, she is Tatar and big admirer of Turkic, in particular Azerbaijani culture. She performed composition “March” of Azerbaijani composer Vaqif Mustafazade.
Lilia and Elmira for this concert created duo, and performed Popurri of traditional Tatar songs on violin and piano.

The concert was moderated by Azerbaijani Vuqar Ali and Tatar Dania Altynbaeva-Lyapina.

KITAP - Tatar Association in Prague. NGO. The word "KITAP" in Turkic languages means "a BOOK", which is symbolic - the culture and traditions of each nation - are as a new book to explore. One of the goals of our association KITAP is to show and promote our culture, to inform interested people about our traditions and identity. Since year 2013, we organize different cultural events, and this one is dedicated to the spring holiday Nowruz – spring New Year fest according to the solar astronomical calendar celebrated by Turkic peoples.

pátek 14. dubna 2017

Tatar movie in Prague

13.04.2017 NGO KITAP with the support of Vaclav Havel Library has screened the Crimean Tatar movie "Haytarma" (2013) of the director Achtem Seytablaev. It is the story of the Tatar nation, in particular, the difficult historical period of the deportation of Crimean Tatars after the II. World War, in year 1944. 
Server Abkerimov, Golden Accordion
The most famous phrase of the talented person, first president of the Czech Republic, dramaturg, and fighter for the human rights - Václav Havel, is "Pravda a láska zvítězí nad lží a nenávistí" or "Truth and love will triumph over the lies and hatred". These words are of a deep meaning. What should we do, in order not to occur in the situation of lie, hate, humiliation, and even war?
Quran, the holy book of Muslims, teaches us to study, to learn, to examine. Why? That is because, the past brings forth to the future and to live in the better future, we should learn from the past, we should collect as much expirience and knowledge as we can. 
The history of some sole nation is not always shared with every nation, but together we are going towards the future, we are creating the future, the history, the life.

In the event, Lilia Gerber-Khousnutdinova (KITAP chairperson), read the page from the book (in Czech "Z dětství čerpám síly")written by her Mother, based on the memories of their family. 

Then, the Golden accordion, musician, accordionist-virtuoso Crimean Tatar Server Abkerimov, talked about his family past, memories of his Grandmother about their deportation from Crimea to the desert steppes of Uzbekistan in 1944, and he played his own compositions, based on these stories - Ana Avasi (native motive) and Hatira (memory).

čtvrtek 16. února 2017

Why are we doing this - KITAP? Why did we establish this NGO - KITAP?

We are often being asked - why are you doing this? why did you establish this KITAP NGO? Are you  paid for that?
And when we answer - we do not have any financing resources, except ourselves pockets, people get shocked.
But seriously, why do we do this?...
... for many years people are trying to understand each other, to know the thoughts of each other, to speake one language (just remember the Babylon tower)... We are learning languages, history, culture, we are trying to wear same clothes (who does not know - jeans?)... We listen same music, and trying to share it with everyone... We are watching films, and trying to make something similar... We are trying to get closer to each other - all the integration processes you see around  (how to not mention the European Union, African Union or even the former Soviet Union)...Isn't it good to be unified? To be all together? Share common values and goodness?... Is it possible? Or it is utopy?
On the other side, remember Orwell's 1984, Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 , Zamyatin's "Us" - the description authors used to show - what does it mean, to be the equal, to be the same... Gray clothing, dark future, sad faces...

You might ask, but in our democratic society, shouldn't we be equal and same? A little remark - we should be equal and same in our rights and obligations, but WE ARE DIFFERENT! Our values will never be common and similar, our culture and traditions is always based on something else, our perception of the goodness depends on our mentality. UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - proclaims the necessity of the cultural world heritage on the global level. The EU's motto - "unity in diversity" is the direction of the community. There are plenty of regional organizations, which are trying to save the cultural heritage, wealth of traditions and specifics of each nation. 

We, KITAP, are trying to share with you Tatar and Turkic culture, to show you the brightness of the Turkic nations, to initiate the intercultural dialogue in order to share the common - respect towards each other, tolerance, and inspiration for the future. We are different, but in some points we are the same - we are people. We love, we hate, we laugh, we cry, we curse, we sympathize, we learn. By knowing the cultural differences - we develop, we become better.
Why are we doing this? We want us all together be smarter, brighter, more developed and inspired for peace, understanding, future. 
Come to our events, participate in them, be part of us, learn from the book, or as Turkic people say -KITAP... 

pondělí 19. prosince 2016

KITAP Tatar Association in Prague

KITAP - Tatar Association in Prague. NGO. The word "KITAP" in Tatar means "a BOOK", which is symbolic - the culture and traditions of each nation - are as a new book to explore.

One of the goals of our association KITAP is to show our culture, to promote our culture, to inform interested people about our traditions and identity. 
    It’s amazing, how far is being spread the glory of the Tatar nation’s cultural heritage and the breadth of our soul, thanks to the diligence of some representatives. Tatars can be found in every corner of our planet. 
We, Tatars in Czech Republic, also decided to inform society about the rich culture of Tatar nation, and hereby we have established, by our own efforts, non-commercial organization – KITAP. The word “Kitap” translates from Tatar language as a “Book”. 
In the hospitable and friendly Czech Republic, Tatars can be also found. Although, we are here about a 1000 (according to some statistical dates), only a small part of us get together to represent our rich culture.
However, few people know about who are the Tatars. In addition, the whole Tatar culture is diverse, due the fact of prevalence of Tatars in the world. Moreover, even the mentality, knowledge, interests and the culture itself differs from one region to the other, from one family to the other, from one Tatar to the other… depending on origin.
Our first event was Tatar’s Cultural Event - in the House of the National Minorities in November 2013. Despite the fact, that we did not give any advertising, came about 150 people. At that concert were singing Tatar folk songs, dancing Tatar folk dances, and were presented the national clothes and delicious Tatar cuisine. Afterwards bun-fight with goodies in a friendly environment amused all: people were happy to meet and get to know each other. After the show, we got a lot of positive feedbacks with a request to make such evenings a tradition. 

In year 2015 we decided to show our national color and identity within the concert of Turkic culture (Turkic Concert in Prague, short overview). A big concert has been presented to the audience by young representatives of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tatars, who showed the diversity of cultures and identities of their peoples on stage.



The concert program sounded folk songs and dances accompanied by traditional folk instruments and modern music.
During the concert performers actively were helping each other – Turkish musicians accompanied Kazakh dancer, singer and duet with Tatar singer, Kyrgyz lady singer was also accompanied by a multicultural group of Turkish drummer, Kazakh dombra, Russian violinist and Tatar pianist. The representatives of Azerbaijan showed Highland incendiary dance, performed by a Georgian. A pleasant surprise for the guests of the concert was the performance by the representative of the Tatar Diaspora, a soloist of the Prague State Opera, a professor at Prague Conservatory international Tahira Menazhdinova, who sang Tatar folk songs. Another pleasant surprise for the audience was the Kyrgyz team Zhagalmay with soloing dancer Gulsara and Gian playing the Kyrgyz national instrument komuz. Also, the attention was attracted by young Kyrgyz artist, having will performed songs of his own rap in native language.

A kaleidoscope of colorful costumes, modern fast-paced and measured folk dances, traditional and contemporary tunes – all has so fascinated viewers that they simply did not notice the flying 2 and a half hour concert. Performances often interrupted with thunderous applause, shouts of approval: “Bravo!” The evening ended with a friendly cup of tea and a tasting of national dishes. Event attended by about 400 people. Among the guests of honor there were the Ambassador of Turkey in Czech Republic - Ahmet Necati Bigali, as well as employees of embassies of the CIS countries.

March 21, 2015 in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Prague was held a concert dedicated to the spring holiday "Navruz" – spring New Year holiday according  to the solar astronomical calendar celebrated by Turkic peoples. The event was opened by the KITAP chairman - Dania. The concert consisted of two parts: in the first the young artists performed songs of the Eastern peoples and played on national instruments. In the second part of the event was a competition "Miss Oriental Beauty".

Bright student teacher - choreographer of oriental dance Natalia Nikolova, showed the audience bright dances with the variety of costumes, craftsmanship and beauty of oriental dance. The event ended with a festive tea party at which the guests were able to try dishes of national cuisine.

KITAP participated in 2015 in the international multinational folklor festival – Prague is the heart of the nations, and presented wonderful TATAR COLORIT in Prague. Two girls – Aliya Ahtyamova and Asylnar Kukueva sang Tatar songs on the main squares of Prague – in Traditional costumes. Golden accordion of Russia – Crimean Tatar virtuoso Server Abkerimov amazed the public not only in the Prague Old Town Square, but also in the amazing historical Theatre in Prague – Divadlo na Vinohradech. 

In 2016 our  Dania participated in the Czech version of the popular show “Come and dine with me” Prostřeno, where were shown not only some Tatar dishes, but also guests sang and danced the Tatar song –Apipa Tatars, Czechs and Apipa in Prostřeno

This year 2016 we organized a musical and poetry event "Music of Languages" Music of Languages (Hudba jazyků), where was presented traditional culture of Tatars, Turks, Azerbaijanis. On the stage sounded Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai readed by the KITAP chairman Dania. It was followed by the well-known Crimean Tatar virtuoso, Golden accordion of Russia Server Abkerimov. Representative of the Czech nation – Tomáš Boukal surprised the public by great performance on Turkic instrument - Dombra singing Altai song in Turkic language. 

Amazed everyone Yakut show and play traditional instrument of Sakha nation – Khomus - performed by Maria Shishigina-Palson. Turkish Saz or Baglama sounded differently as the music on them was presented by Altan Onat and Kemal Deniz. The Azerbaijanian representatives – Rashid Aghamaliyev played Tar mughalims, while Vugar Ali was reading Ghazali. The official music part of the concert ended with the bright Tatar folk dances by KITAP chairman Lilia. That concert was traditionally concluded with the Tatar goodies and tea. 

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